This group of Galanthus nivalis were found by Taavi Tuulik in Estonia in the last 10 years. They are characterised by their compact stature, with correspondingly small bulbs, and wonderful pale colouring. The ovary and markings are typically pale yellow, and the leaves pale glaucous. The ghostly, ethereal appearance led to the group name of Estonian Spirit.

There are a number of clones included in the complete group.

'Kullake', is beautifully distinctive, one of the first to be found, and has thus been named by Taavi. Two others were selected on the basis of their compact nature and stunning appearance and are also being offered by Dryad Nursery.

Other group members are being trialled both in the UK and Europe and further announcements are expected. They have been distributed by Taavi under clone number, and for clarity I am retaining Taavi's original identification references.

They grow and bulk up well (many of the bulbs I will be offering are multi-nosed). More prolific flowering may require a dryer, brighter climate than I have in North Yorkshire, so I intend to give mine a dry rest in the summer to see if this will aid flowering here. It would be interesting to hear how other growers get on with these charming little snowdrops in better conditions.


Below are photos of the clones I grow, with any information I have about them.


As stocks allow, I will release these varieties for sale. Currently, they are only available on ebay, but as my stocks increase, I will be offering them in my mail-order list.

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Galanthus Estonian Spirit group KullakeGalanthus Estonian Spirit group Kullake


Photo Taavi Tuulik


( Pronounced 'Kooll-ah-kay' ) The only named variety so far, and also the smallest variety found by Taavi so far.

Found in 2006 in an abandoned garden in Allika village, Hiiumaa island, Estonia as a clump of 5-6 bulbs.


Exceptionally rare and outstanding, compact nivalis, very pale throughout with narrow, pale yellow mark on inner segments and pale yellow ovary. The ghostly appearance makes this a highly distinctive addition to the yellow snowdrop group and a real eye catcher. Outer segments are more pointed than Käina 2007/3, and the ovary is longer and narrower. Taavi recommends frequent dividing for this variety.


Kullake means, in Estonian, 'sweetheart' (or something like that), but it is also a diminutive form from kuld (gold).
You can hear the pronunciation in youtube (in very first phrase) and enjoy some Estonian music!





Käina 2007/3



Galanthus Estonian Spirit groupGalanthus Estonian Spirit group



Collected in Käina village, 2007


Charming tiny variety with very pale yellow mark on inners and matching ovary. Leaves pale glaucous. Flowering height approximately 6cm. The outer segments more rounded and cupped than Kullake.



Taavi's own garden seedling

Photo Taavi Tuulik

Found in Taavi's own garden in 2008 . Flowering height 6cm here. Very pale mark and ovary. The inner mark has a very narrow delicate 'bridge'. Pale foliage.



Galanthus Estonian Spirit group Galanthus Estonian Spirit group

Photo Taavi Tuulik


Collected Island Hiiumaa, Jõe village, in an abandoned garden in 2006. Height 10 cm, outer segments 20 mm.

Ovary and markings very pale, silvery foliage.




Galanthus Estonian Spirit group Galanthus Estonian Spirit Group

Photo Taavi Tuulik


Collected Island Kassari, Esiküla village, in an abandoned garden in 2007. Height 10 cm (only grows to 6cm here) , outer segments 17 mm, leaves glaucous, inner segment marks very pale.